Icelandair Check-in

Does Icelandair have online check-in?

Online check-in is available 36 hours prior to departure to Europe and 24 hours prior ot departure to USA and Canada.  

Check-in now for your Icelandair flight.

What are the requirements for using online check-in?

  • Online check-in is available from all scheduled destinations and some of Iceland Air's Summer desintations. 
  • Kiosk service is only available at Keflavik Airport, Copenhagen Airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Oslo Gardemoen Airport, Billund Airport, and London Heathrow Airport.

Make sure you leave enough time at the airport to get through security, check your bags, etc.

Can I check-in online if I have bags to check?

If you are traveling with baggage, you must go to Icelandair baggage drop off at the airport to drop off your baggage.  If you are travleing with carry-on baggage only, you can go directly to security. 

Can I change/select my seat when checking in online?

Yes, when you use online check-in you can select your seat.

Mobile Check-In Procedures are the same as Online Check in Procedures.