Hainan Airlines: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Hainan Airlines provide for my pet?

  • Travel in the passenger cabin.
  • Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.
  • Shipped as cargo in pressurized and temperature controlled area.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

The fees depend on the weight and size of a animal and kennel. Please contact Hainan Airlines for more information.

What are the kennel requirements?

  • Hainan Airlines recommends you to purchase a pet container specifically designed for air travel.
  • Pet container should be made of strong materials with its upper part fixed. It should be well-ventilated on at least three sides and its door should be made of metal. For international travek, please make sure the container well-ventilated on four sides.
  • The container should be large enough for the pet to stand, sit, turn around and lie comfortably, and in a natural manner. Make sure pet's head won't touch the top of the container.
  • Container holes, openings or gaps between bars shall be large enough for ventilation but small enough to not permit extremities such as paws or tail to extend outside.
  • One container is limited to carry one pet. (Two puppies younger than 6 months, two kittens or a pair of birds can be transported in one container.)
  • All the components of the container, including screw nuts, bolt, rivets, and lock, should be firmly fixed and sturdy.
  • Pet container should be locked.
  • In order to be carried easier, the pet container should have an at least 0.74 in/1.9 cm wide protruding edge on the side which has a vent on it.
  • Wheels of the container should be locked. Otherwise they should be taken off to avoid moving during transport.
  • Feeding and drinking: food and water should be placed in the container for pet to obtain at any time. It is better to outfit container with two stationary dishes on one size of the container, to fill food and water separately. If there aren't two dishes, one dish separated into two parts can be alternative.
  • The size requirements vary by aircraft. The llength and height of the container should not exceed:
    • Boeing 737: 27 × 39 in/70 × 100 cm
    • Boeing 767: 45 × 37 in/115 × 95 cm
    • Airbus A330: 24 × 35 in/60 × 90 cm
    • Airbus A340: 35 ×35 in/90 × 90 cm
  • The following circumstances are not in compliance with the conditions and transport will be rejected:
    • The container is made of soft materials.
    • The container is collapsible.
    • The container is made of iron wire or osier.
    • The container has a door or vent on its top.
    • The container door is made of plastic or glass fiber.

What documentation is required?

For international travel, please arrange for all documents below no less than seven days before departure.

  • Valid export and import documentations approved and issued by relevant governments (destination/stopover).
  • Valid health declaration and rabies vaccination certificate approved and issued by relevant authorities.
  • Entry permit, health declaration, and vaccination certificate.
  • Any special documentation required by either the destination and/or transit countries.

To obtain the regulation of the countries you plan to enter or transit, please contact its embassies, consulates, or Administration of Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine. You should also inform your travel agent or the local authorized ticket office of Hainan Airlines. See hnair.com for a list of websites of quarantine authorities by country.

Documents required for domestic travel:

  • Valid animal immunity card, including rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Valid animal quarantine certificate.
  • Valid animal container disinfection certificate.

For passengers traveling with a service dog, such as seeing-eye guide dog or hearing-ear dog, please arrange for valid animal training qualification certificate, animal work permit or/and animal ID card in addition to the above documents.

Are there any other restrictions?

Please request pet air transportation at least 48 hours before departure.

Pet transportation is limited to domestic dogs or cats. It excludes wild animals such as wolves and those that may cause discomfort among passenger such as reptiles. To ensure safety of air transportation, Hainan Airlines recommends you transport them as cargo.

Due to the restrictions of aircraft types and air routes, some flights can not transport your pet, including service dogs. Please consult sales office before you travel with your pet.