Allegiant: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Allegiant Air provide for my pet?

  • Travel in the passenger cabin.

Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

Pets that meet the following qualifications can travel in the passenger cabin:

  • Your pet can comfortably remain in its kennel, under the seat for the entire flight.
  • Only domesticated dogs and cats are allowed.
  • The kennel is specifically made for animal carriage and does not exceed 9in x 16in x 19in (height x width x depth).
  • The kennel must be a FAA approved carrier, which must be able to fit underneath the seat.
  • Allegiant allows only one pet per carrier and also requires a certificate from a veterinarian, dated within 30 days of the travel dates, stating the pet is in good health, is able to travel and is current on all vaccinations.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

  • Allegiant charges a $100.00 per segment fee for each pet.

Please contact the airline directly for information about traveling with a service animal.

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