Air France: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Air France provide for my pet?

  • Travel in the passenger cabin—your pet remains in its kennel, under the seat for the entire flight.
  • Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

With prior approval from Air France’s telephone sales service, pets that meet the following qualifications can travel in the passenger cabin:

  • Only domesticated dogs and cats are allowed. Staffordshire Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers (pit bulls), Mastiffs, and Tosas are not allowed.
  • Dogs and cats weighing less than 6 kg/13.2 lbs (including the transport bag or container).
  • Guide dogs are authorized regardless of weight.
  • Your animal must be at least 8 weeks old.
  • The animals must have all vaccines required for travel.
  • The pet remains in a kennel specifically made for animal carriage and meets specific standards outlined below.

Does my pet qualify for travel as checked baggage?

Pets that meet the following qualifications can travel as checked baggage:

  • Dogs and cats weighing more than 8 kg/17.6 lb and less than 75 kg/165.3 lb.
  • Only domesticated dogs and cats allowed. Staffordshire Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers (pit bulls), Mastiffs, and Tosas are not allowed.
  • Your pet must be at least 15 weeks old and have all required vaccines.
  • The kennel meets all requirements (see below for more information).
  • Your pet has all necessary health documents required by your destination (see below for more information).

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

The transport of animals is not included in your baggage allowance. You must pay a fixed-rate fee that varies according to your destination.

  • Flights in metropolitan France: 20 EUR
  • Flights between France and Pointe a Pitre, Fort de France, Cayenne or Saint Denis de la Reunion: 75 EUR
  • Flights in Europe or between Europe and North Africa or Israel: 75 EUR
  • Other flights: 200 EUR

What are the kennel requirements?

Below are some of Air France's kennel requirements:

  • On-board kennel sizes: 17x12x8in.; 18x11x11in.; 20x12x12in.
  • In-hold kennel sizes: 21x16x15in.; 27x20x19in.; 32x22x23in.
  • Be leak-proof and escape-proof.
  • Be properly ventilated, but not allow any part of the animal from protruding outside of the container.
  • Provide enough room for the animal to stand and turn around.
  • Must be made of fiberglass or rigid plastic "shell".  Wooden, metal bar, or welded wire mesh kennels are not allowed.  
  • Contain absorbent material or litter.

What health documentation is required?

Many countries require health documents. As it is the passenger's responsibility to be aware of all regulations, you should consult your veterinarian and the local Embassy to ensure that your animal will comply with all requirements.

Are there any other restrictions?

Air France can refuse to transport an animal due to illness, aggressive behavior, poor kenneling, or extreme temperatures at origin, transfer, or destination airports.

Please contact the airline directly for information about traveling with a service animal.