EL AL: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does El Al provide for my pet?

  • Travel in the passenger cabin.
  • Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

Does my pet qualify for travel?

  • Dogs, cats, and birds weighing up to 17 lb/8 kg (including container) will be accepted for carriage in the cabin with an accompanying passenger, on condition that they are carried in a cage no larger than 40cm x 40cm x 21cm (15in x 15in x 8in) and can be stored under the passenger's seat. El Al Reservations must be notified in advance.
  • All pets authorized for carriage must be provided with a Health/Vaccination Certificate and Entry Permits required by the relevant authorities at transit and/or end destination stations.
  • El Al will not be responsible in the event that pets are not permitted passage or entry into any country.
  • Animals showing clear signs of illness may not be approved for flight.
  • The pilot is authorized to have the animal removed from the plane or transferred to the cargo hold, if the animal is clearly disturbing or has disturbed passengers.
  • Birds and bird eggs (excluding chickens and their eggs) will not be approved for flights to London, unless a permit has been issued by the UK's Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Pets will not be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin accompanied by a passenger on flights to London, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Australia. On these flights, pets will be sent in the hold of the aircraft as cargo and bills of lading must be issued for them (for clarification, call tel. 03-9176679.) These pets must be housed in nose- and paw-proof crates (in a secured crate) as cargo, with bills of lading.
  • Pets may not sit on the passenger's lap during takeoff and landing.
  • Pets weighing more than 17 lb/8 kg (including container) will be accepted for carriage in the hold of the aircraft only.
  • The animals must remain in the cage throughout the course of the flight.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

  • Travel to/from Europe:
    • Up to 8 kg: 1.5% of the price for Y class per kilogram. The exact rate will be given at the El Al cashier at Ben-Gurion Airport or at the Early Check-In service.
    • 9-50 kg: $150 for one-way passage; $250 for round trip
    • Every kg over 50 kg: $5/kg
  • Travel to/from North America:
    • To NYC: $260 in each direction
    • To LAX: $280 in each direction
    • To YYZ: $260 in each direction
    • From LAX to YYZ: $160 in each direction
    • From YYZ to LAX: $300 in each direction
  • Travel to/from Asia: 1.5% of the price for Y class per kilogram (with no weight limit)

Please contact El Al directly for information about traveling with a service animal.