EL AL Check-in

Does El Al Airlines have online check-in?

Yes, El Al allows you to check-in 3-24 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.

Check-in now for your El Al Airlines flight.

What are the requirements for using online check-in?

  • Express Check-In is available to all passengers holding an electronic ticket.
  • Domestic flights as well as international flights to/from: Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay (Mumbai), Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Marseille, Prague, Rome, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, and Warsaw.
  • Does not apply for groups of six or more passengers. (But each passenger can check in online separately.)
  • Only for flights operated within 24 hours if flying to Israel or within 27 hours if departing Israel.
  • Not available for code share flights.

Make sure you leave enough time at the airport to get through security, check your bags, etc.

Can I check-in online if I have bags to check?

Yes. El Al recommends arriving at the airport at least two and one-quarter hours before the planned departure time, wait in line for the security check and then go to counters 78-81 (at Ben-Gurion Airport) to present your flight ticket, passport and boarding pass. At the counter you will receive a new boarding pass and your luggage will be sent to the plane. Afterwards you continue on to Passport Control.

Can I change/select my seat when checking in online?

Yes. The system allows you to choose the seat you would like on the flight, or to change the seat that has already been reserved.

If I plan to check in at the airport, how much time should I allow?

El Al recommends arriving two and one-quarter hours ahead of time if checking luggage and one and a half hours ahead of time if not checking any luggage.