Air Austral: Pet Policy

Can my pets travel with me?

  • You must let Air Austral know that your pet is travelling with you at the time of booking.
  • Call at the latest, 72 hours before your flight to confirm.

Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

  • Only dogs and cats, weighing less than 6kg can be transported in the cabin.  Assistance dogs are also welcome. 
  • Any other animal will be carried in the hold after clearance by Air Austral and may not leave its cage during the flight. 
  • The weight of the pet and container is not included in baggage allowance. 
  • The hold is pressurized and ventilated. 

What containers are authorized on Air Austral flights?

  • In the hold, pets must be carried in regulatory containers specifically designed for air travel.
  • The container must be large enough for an animal to stand, turn around and lie down.  It also must be ventilated and have a secure locking system. 

What are some general rules for transporting your pet?

  • Dogs and cats under the age of four months are accepted due to not being vaccinated yet.
  • Maintain updated health documents for your pet.
  • An “authorization form” for transport of pet in cabin must be completed and signed. 

What animals cannot be transported?

  • Any poisonous, venomous or animals with infectious diseases that may pose a threat to others are not permitted on Air Austral flights. 
  • The transport of 1st and 2nd category dogs.
  • “Dogs of 1st (attack) and 2nd (guarding and defense) categories: big dogs of type mastiff, defined by a massive and thick body, a strong skeleton and a thick neck.”