Air Austral Infants Policy

What fares and discounts are involved with infants?

  • Infants can benefit from reductions of up to 90% fare discount.  This is not subject to all Air Austral flights. 
  • If the “infant discount” is applied, your infant must travel on your lap. 

What happens if my infant reaches the age of two during the journey?

  • Contact Air Austral agents for specific details and information. 

Who can accompany an infant?

  • The father, mother or legal guardian of the infant.         
  • A second passenger is needed to allow travel with two infants. 
  • An infant may sit on the parent or guardian’s lap using an extension belt.

Can an infant travel on an individual seat?

  • Yes, when booking your flight, selected “child” instead of “infant” on the booking form.
  • A parent or legal guardian may bring a child safety seat on board.
  • You may also handle a carry-on baggage of 10kg.

Can an infant travel with a parent’s passport?

While some countries do allow an infant to be transported with the parent’s passport, it is recommended that the infant have their own passport. 

What are the policies involving seats and carriages for my infant?

  • Air Austral, free of charge, allows a foldable pushchair to be transported until the door of the aircraft.  You will get it back on the baggage carrousel upon arrival. 
  • An infant can travel with a bassinet (the number is limited)
  • For long-haul flights, bassinets are offered on board and can be reserved while the youngest infants are given priority. 

Bassinet reservation conditions are

  • Max weight: 10kg
  • Max height: 80cm
  • Age limit: 9 months
  • Long-haul flights to and from France.
  • Pre-reservations can be done at the latest 48 hours before departing. 

What comforts are offered to infants on flights?

  • Request a “baby meal” during booking at the latest 48 hours before your flight. 
  • Changing tables in toilets are available on board.