Wizzair Infants Policy

Do I have to buy a ticket for my infant?

Yes, infants up to the age of 2 may fly for an infant fee of $33 (25 EUR). However, if the accompanying adult ticket is less than $33 (25 EUR), the infant fee will match that price. You can pay the infant fee during the online booking process or through the Call Centre. Only one infant is allowed per adult passenger.

Are there any baggage allowances for my infant?

Yes, you can bring 1 stroller/baby carriage/pushchair as carry-on baggage free of charge. However, infant carseats are not allowed onboard.

What are the age requirements for my infant?

Infants must be under 2-years-old for the departure and return flights. After their second birthday, a seat must be purchased, even if they were under 2-years-old at time of departure.