tigerair Australia Baggage

Effective 15 December2016, Tigerair Australia (TT) will be implementing a tiered pricing structure for check-in baggage. Prices will vary depending on when you purchase baggage and will be as follows:

  • Baggage will be least expensive when purchased at the time of booking.
  • Baggage will be more expensive when purchased through Manage My Booking, our Customer Contact Centre or Web Check-in. Baggage can be added up until 2 hours before departure for domestic and 3 hours before departure for international flights.
  • Baggage will be most expensive when purchased at the Airport.

This tiered pricing structure applies to all flights from 15 December2016, including flights booked before this date.

Neither light fares nor express fares include checked baggage. At the time of making your booking you will have the choice to add check-in baggage for each customer on the booking. Check-in baggage can be selected per customer per flight with different weight allowances available. Prices will be presented to you when making your selection.

Customers who do not select check-in baggage during the booking process but wish to add check-in baggage to their booking prior to travel, can do so via Manage My Booking, our Customer Contact Centre or during Web Check-in, however it is more expensive. Prices will be presented to you when adding baggage to your booking.

Customers can purchase 15 kg or 20kg of check-in baggage at the airport during check in if they have no previous check in baggage allowance pre-purchased. Customers will be charged the airport rates specified on our Fees and Charges page. Anything in excess of 20kg will be subject to excess baggage charges per kilogram.

Any additional baggage allowance purchased at the airport will be carried subject to space availability.

Please note the weight of your baggage will be checked at the airport. Check-in luggage must not exceed 30kgs per bag, if required please split the weight amongst multiple bags. We advise you pack within the allowances you have purchased to avoid additional fees.

Tigerair Australia (TT) does not accept responsibility for unsuitably packed, perishable, damaged or fragile luggage or for minor damage to the exterior of luggage (e.g. scratches, stains, soiling, dents) resulting from normal wear and tear or for water damage to non-water-resistant luggage or damage to external fixtures such as handles, wheels, zippers or locks.

CPAP Devices:

Customers may travel with CPAP machines on all Tigerair flights provided they are carried in the cabin. Customers must carry sufficient batteries to last the entire journey. This includes the duration of the flight, all ground time before and after the flight, any other sectors to be flown and any unexpected delays.  CPAP machines must be operated with battery power, customers must have enough spare batteries to operate the CPAP machine for 150% of the total expected travel time. Any spare batteries must meet Company dangerous goods requirements. CPAP machines do not form part of the customer’s baggage allowance.