South African Airways: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does South African Airways provide for my pet?

  • Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.
  • Shipped as cargo in pressurized and temperature controlled area.

Does my pet qualify for travel as checked baggage?

Pets that meet the following qualifications can travel as checked baggage:

  • Only domesticated animals are allowed.
  • You are traveling to a country that permits the entry of animals as checked baggage.
  • The kennel meets all requirements (see below for more information).
  • Your pet has all necessary health documents required by your destination (see below for more information).

Does my pet qualify to be shipped as cargo?

If your pet does not meet the requirements for travel as checked baggage, or if you would like your pet to travel unaccompanied, contact South African Airways Cargo.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

Excess baggage fees will apply. Contact South African Airways for more information.

What are the kennel requirements?

Below are some South African Airways' kennel requirements:

  • Be leak-proof and escape-proof.
  • Be properly ventilated, but not allow any part of the animal from protruding outside of the container.
  • Provide enough room for the animal to stand and turn around.
  • Be made of metal, wood, or a hard plastic/composite.
  • Contain absorbent material or litter.
  • Have functional handles on the kennel's exterior to prevent tilting and any direct contact with the animals.
  • Be closed securely, but not locked.
  • Have labels with the words "Live Animal" in letters at least 1-inch tall on the crate's top and on at least one side.

What health documentation is required?

Many countries require a health certificate for your animal. As it is the passenger's responsibility to be aware of all regulations, you should consult your veterinarian and the local Embassy or consulate to ensure that your animal will comply with all requirements.

Please contact the airline directly for information about traveling with a service animal.