Jeju Air Infants Policy

Do I need to reserve a seat for my infant?

Children under 2 years (24 months), are not required to have their own seat. You must, however, inform Jeju Air that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap.

If one passenger is traveling with two infants, one seat must be occupied. This seat will be charge a fee of the full child fare. A passenger may buy a seat for their infant for extra comfort.

The infant must be carried onboard on the guardian’s chest.

Will I pay for my infant to travel domestically?

A child under 2 years old (24 months) may travel for free as long as the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight.

Will I pay for my infant to travel internationally?

Yes, a child under 2 years old (24 months) is charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight.

What if my child turns 2 on the trip; will I have to buy a ticket for the return flight?

Yes, a ticket will have to be purchased for any flight on which the infant will be over 2 years old.

What types of child restraint devices are allowed?

Please contact Jeju Air Special Assistance desk to obtain information regarding your childs restraint devices that are allowed on the aircraft.

What infant amenities are available on the aircraft I'll be flying (i.e., Bassinets)?

No baby bassinet services are offered on Jeju Air. Infant amenities vary by aircraft. When you're on the airplane page, look for the Infant Amenity Icon. If it is present, clicking on it will tell you what infant services are available on that airplane. If you do not see it, infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft. You may always contact Jeju Air for more information.

May I sit in the Exit Row with my infant?

Regulations state that no lap children or infant seats are allowed in an Exit Row and that all passengers in an Exit Row must be at least 15 years of age. However, infants are allowed in all ABC or DEF sections.