HK Express Infants Policy

Travelling with Infants

HK Express values the comfort and safety of every passenger, including those with infants. Infants can only be accepted for travel after 7 days from birth. You can make infant bookings online or via our Call Center 48 hours before travelling due to the limited number of infants that can be accommodated on a flight for safety reasons.

Guidelines when travelling with an infant.

An infant is any Guest who is less than two years of age for the entirety of the itinerary.

To ensure the safety of all Guests, only one infant per adult (legal parent or guardian) is permitted. This responsible person must be over 18 years of age.

More information about travelling with an infant.

Infant Amenity Polcies

Foldable Strollers are allowed to be carried onboard our aircraft as long as they meet the requirements of our carry-on baggage policy and; if there is sufficient space for storage.

Strollers and Car Type Safety Seats can be checked for free and will not count towards baggage allowance.

Seating Requirements

Please note that HK Express does not offer bassinets in-flight.

HK Express will provide an infant seat belt in-flight. Infant MUST be secured by an infant seat belt on the adult’s lap for take-off, landing and whenever the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated.

Up to two infants per row and only one infant on each side can be accommodated due to the limited number of oxygen masks available.