Edelweiss Air: Children Flying Alone

Can an unaccompanied minor travel on Edelweiss Air (WK)?

Children 5-12 years may travel unaccompanied on Edelweiss Air flights. Edelweiss Air rules regarding unaccompanied minor travel for children 0 to 5 years follow:

·   Children 0 to 5 years may not travel unaccompanied

·   Children 0 to 2 years must be accompanied by an adult

·   Children 2-5 years may be accompanied by a sibling aged 16 or greater. 

How do I register my minor child for travel on Edelweiss Air (WK)?

You must contact Edelweiss Air for reservations and other arrangements. Arrangements must be made up to 96 hours before the departure. The contact telephone number is +41 0 848 333 593.

Is there a fee for an unaccompanied minor traveling on Edelweiss Air (WK)?

The fee [as of 1 August 2016] per unaccompanied minor traveling on Edelweiss Air is CHF60 for short- and medium-haul flights and CHF120 for long-haul flights.