Bangkok Airways: Pet Policy

Does Bangkok Airways allow pets to be carried in the cabin?

No, animals cannot be carried in the cabin.

Does Bangkok Airways allow pets to be carried as checked baggage?

Dogs, cats, birds, and other household animals may be carried as checked baggage at the discretion of the airline.

All animals must be properly crated, accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit.

Carrying Fees

Carriage of an animal will apply as excess baggage and cannot be part of your allotted checked baggage allowance. Please view the baggage section for more information.

Do I have to reserve carriage for my pet?

Yes, please contact Bangkok Airways Reservations for more information about proper paperwork, forms, and instructions.

Are service animals allowed on board?

They are not allowed in the cabin, but service animals/guide dogs accompanying passengers with disabilities will be carried as checked baggage free of charge (in addition to the normal free baggage allowance).