Aircalin: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Aircalin (SB) provide for my pet?

Pets are carried as freight. For visually or hearing impaired passengers, assistance dogs may fly in the cabin.

In most countries, the acceptance of pets is regulated through strict sanitary procedures. Some countries only allow freight transportation. Others prohibit any import of animals.

Depending on each country, required certificates may be:


  • Certificate of origin attesting that the country or region where the animal originates has remained free of contagious illness for a set period of time,
  • Veterinary certificate of good health attesting that the animal does not have any infectious disease,
  • Vaccination card
  • Authorization certificate from phytosanitary services of the country of destination.
Dogs, such as Pit Bulls, are not accepted on Aircalin (SB) flights.

Aircalin (SB) reserves the right to refuse a pet exhibiting aggressive behavior or any other behaviors that appear incompatible with air travel.

For more information, please contact Aircalin (SB).