Air Seoul: Pet Policy

What pets can be transported?

Passengers may transport pets (dogs, cats, and birds) that are more than 8 weeks old as carry-on baggage. Guide dogs for the visually impaired may be transported in the cabin free of charge. 

Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

Pets that meet the following qualifications can travel in the passenger cabin:

  • The total weight of the pet and its cage may not exceed 5kg.
  • The individual cage must measure less than 115cm (L+W+H) and be 21cm or less in height (25cm or less for soft cases)
  • One cage (limit 1 animal per cage) is allowed as carry-on baggage per ticketed adult passenger. However, two puppies or two kittens less than 6 months old, a mother cat/dog and her baby, or a pair of birds is permitted for transport in a single cage.
  • For the safety of all passengers, pets must be kept in their cages for the entire duration of the flight. Removing pets from their cage at any time is strictly prohibited.

Pet carrier requirements

  • Carriers must be locked and have a sealed bottom.
  • The carrier shall have sufficient space for the pet to comfortably stand and move.
  • No more than one animal may be transported in each cage. However, two puppies or two kittens less than 6 months of age, a mother dog/cat and her baby, or a pair of birds may be transported in a single cage.
  • When transporting birds, the cage must be kept covered so that the birds cannot be seen from the outside.
  • Carriers made of cloth or leather materials may be permitted on board if supported by a frame that allows the carrier to maintain its original shape.

Transportation restrictions

  • Please check whether the animal of transport is permitted at the country of destination.
  • Pets that are under 8 weeks of age or have taken sedatives or sleeping pills may not be transported.
  • Pets that are pregnant, have a severe odor, or are considered a dangerous breed (pit bulls, etc.) and birds of prey are not permitted on board.
  • Pets cannot be transported as checked baggage for flights operated by alliance airlines, including codeshare flights.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

Please contact Air Seoul (RS) for more information.

What health documentation is required?

All pets must have all necessary vaccinations and documentation, ID tags, and a pet license.

Travelers must submit the prepared proof of rabies vaccination and any other required medical certificates to the animal quarantine center at the airport of departure to receive your certificate of quarantine check.

More information

How do I make a reservation for my pet?

Please contact Air Seoul (RS) for more information.