Air Baltic Infants Policy

Do I need to reserve a seat for my infant?

Children up to 2 years of age are classified as infants and therefore are eligible for the special infant fare. Infants older than 8 days can travel on AirBaltic flights without any restrictions, while new-born babies younger than 8 days can only fly AirBaltic with a valid medical clearance. To obtain it, have the doctor (MD) fill out the Medical Information Form and submit it electronically to Take note that it has to be done at least two working days ahead of the scheduled departure.

Each infant must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 16 years old. Please remember that one adult can only take care of one baby on board, so any additional infants will require the same number of adult passengers, e.g. three infants can travel in the company of three adults.

You may also choose to purchase a seat for your infant as long as you have the proper child restraint device.

Will I pay for my infant to travel?

AirBaltic's flight search form makes it easy to book a trip with an infant – just select at least one adult and one infant in the passenger selection field and proceed to the next step. You’ll see that the infant passengers receive a 90% discount (excluding taxes and surcharges) on AirBaltic ticket fare, which is neatly displayed in the total fare breakdown.

What if my child turns 2 on the trip; will I have to buy a ticket for the return flight?

To be on the safe side, make sure that the infant will still be under 2 years of age on the date of the return flight if you are booking a round trip ticket. If this is not the case, please buy separate tickets for the baby – an infant ticket for the outbound flight and a child ticket for the return flight.

What infant amenities are available on the aircraft I'll be flying (i.e., Bassinets)?

Infant amenities vary by aircraft. When you're on the airplane page, look for the Infant Amenity Icon. If it is present, clicking on it will tell you what infant services are available on that airplane. If you do not see it, infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft. You may always contact AirBaltic for more information.

May I sit in the Exit Row with my infant?

Regulations state that no lap children or infant seats are allowed in an Exit Row and that all passengers in an Exit Row must be at least 15 years of age. In addition, infant seats are not allowed in the row directly in front of or directly behind an exit.

What is the baggage policy for infants?

Even though infant passengers cannot carry cabin bags on board, they are entitled to one checked bag up to 10 kg free of charge, plus one fully collapsible pram (or a stroller, a carrycot, or an infant car type seat). This does not affect the accompanying adult’s hand luggage allowance, which still remains the same.

What on board information do I need to know when travelling with an infant?

Please be aware that the baby will travel sitting on your lap, since the infant fare does not include a separate seat on board. In case you want to have a separate seat for your baby, we advise you to buy a child ticket. However, if passenger purchases child ticket for an infant, free 10 kg checked baggage allowance is not included in the fare. For safety reasons, we will still ask you to carry the infant on your lap during take-off and landing even if you booked a child ticket.

Car seats and carrycots are not permitted on board and must be placed in the checked baggage.

For security reasons all passengers travelling with infants are required to sit in the window seats. Please be aware that we can allow a limited number of infants to board our flights depending on the aircraft type so take care to book the tickets in advance.