Air Arabia Baggage

What is Air Arabia carry-on baggage policy?

Air Arabia allows 1 carry-on bag per passenger fee free.

Carry-on should not exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

Free hand baggage allowance must not exceed 10 kgs per passenger with dimensions within 55 x 40 x 20 cms including the handle, pockets and wheels.

Please be aware of the restrictions imposed on the quantities of liquids, gels or pastes transported in your carry-on.

Liquids, gels or pastes must be held in individual containers of a maximum 100ml each.

All liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100ml can be fitted comfortably into a transparent, resealable 1 litre plastic bag measuring 20cm x 20cm.

The bag must be completely sealed.

The items must fit comfortably in the bag.

If you are transferring through the Middle East, they must be packed in a Secure Tamper-Evident Bag (STEB).


What is Air Arabia checked baggage policy?

You can select your checked baggage weight while booking or modifying your flight (20 Kg, 30 Kg or 40 Kg) with no limitation on the number of pieces. Limited selections of checked baggage options are available for passengers who purchase their checked luggage at the airport. Excess baggage rates will apply on any weight above the booked checked baggage allowance. Maximum weight permitted per individual piece of baggage is 32 kgs with total dimensions of 160 cms. (W+D+L). 


What is the cost to check a bag?

The rate at which a bag costs is date dependent on your flight. To find out more, please contact the airline here.