Aerolineas Argentinas Baggage

Carry-On Allowance

Each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm (22in x 14in x 10in). The maximum weight of carry-ons varies depending on class and destination:

  • Domestic flights in Argentina, Economy Class- 5 kg (11lb)
  • Domestic flights in Argentina, Club Economy Class- 10 kg (22lb)
  • International flights, all classes- 10 kg (22lb)

For additional information on Aerolineas Argentinas’ carry-on baggage restrictions, visit their website here

REMINDER: Bulkhead seats do not have underseat storage during take-off and landing.
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Checked Baggage

Passengers on all Aerolineas Argentinas flights are entitled to free baggage allowance. Depending on the origin and destination locations, free baggage allowance is determined by weight or by number of pieces.

. For specific information on checked baggage, visit Aerolineas Argentinas’ website here

Size Requirements:

  • Maximum Dimensions: 158 cm/ 62 inches (length x width x height)
  • Maximum Weight: 32 kg

Overweight/ Oversize/ Excess Baggage Fees

Any baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance will be charged an extra fee based on permitted number of kilos or quantity of bags permitted. Depending on the origin and destination locations, fees may vary. For more information on excess luggage please visit Aerolineas' site here

Sports Equipment

Aerolineas Argentinas applies special excess baggage fees to all sports equipment exceeding the free baggage allowance by weight or piece. The following sports equipment can be transported as checked baggage: golf equipment, ski/ snowboard equipment, fishing equipment, surf equipment, hunting equipment, bicycles, and diving gear.

  • Golf equipment: includes a bag with a set of clubs and a pair of shoes
  • Ski/snowboard equipment: includes a pair of ski, pair of boots, pair of ski poles; or a snowboard and pair of boots
  • Fishing Equipment: includes two fishing poles, a reel, a net, a pair of boots, and a box of fishing tackle
  • Surf equipment: includes a surfboard not exceeding 277cm in length
  • Hunting equipment: includes three options (1) a case with 2 rifles, 5 kilos ammunition, a target for shots, suppressors of sound, and small tools; or (2) two shot guns in two cases; or (3) five air guns, 5 kilos ammunition, suppressors of sounds, and small tools
  • Bicycles: bicycles should be transported with rent handlebars, removed pedals, flat tires, in a rigid container
  • Diving equipment: includes two tubes of oxygen (empty), a wet suit, and a pair of flippers

Specific information of fees for sporting equipment can be found of Aerolineas Argentinas’ website here


The information on this page is true and correct at the time of publication. Because airlines reserve the right to change policies at any time, see for official and up-to-date baggage restrictions.

CPAP Devices:

Please contact the airline for information.