WOW air Check-in

Does WOW air have online check-in?

WOW Air offers online check-in for all destinations from 24-hours and up to one hour before the flight's scheduled departure. Online check-in for flights to the US opens 24-hours before the second flight of the journey.

May I select my seat at check-in for WOW air?

Yes, you may select your seat online during booking or at check-in for each flight.

Is there a charge on WOW air for selecting a seat?

Yes, charges range from $8.00 USD to $13.00 USD per seat for each flight. Please note that if you are on two flights to reach your destination then you will be charged for each seat you select.

Does WOW air offer mobile/electronic boarding passes?

Yes, mobile/electronic boarding passes may be sent to your mobile device. PLEASE NOTE: Passengers traveling from US cities must print their boarding cards after online check-in. Mobile/Electronic boarding passes will not be accepted.

Does WOW air offer airport check-in?

Yes, airport check-in is available and is necessary if you are checking baggage.