Vueling Airlines: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Vueling provide for my pet?

Vueling provides pet service for animals travelling as hand luggage which meet the specified requirements.*Please Note: This service is not available on flights to/from the United Kingdom and Malta.

Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

  • The animal being transported must meet all regulations for the location they are travelling to including appropriate hygiene standards, transportation documentation, and proof of ownership.
  • The combined weight of the animal carrying kennel and the animal must not exceed 8 kg.

Does Vueling limit the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight?

Yes, only two (2) animals are allowed in the cabin on each flight. Make sure to book your pet reservation while booking your ticket, well in advance. Once the pet limit is reached on a specific flight, the pet option online will no longer be available.

Does my pet qualify to travel as checked baggage?

No, Vueling does not offer a service to transport pets as checked baggage.

Does my pet qualify to be shipped as cargo?

No, Vueling does not provide a service to ship animals as cargo.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

The cost for animals travelling as hand luggage is as follows:

  • 25 euro on domestic flights
  • 40 euro on international flights
  • 40 euro on flights to/from the Canary Islands

What are the kennel requirements?

  • The maximum dimensions of the pet carrier used as hand luggage are: 50cm X 40cm X 20cm. The sum of all three dimensions must not exceed 110cm.
  • The combined weight of the animal and kennel must not exceed 8 kg.
  • The box used to carry the animal must have breathing holes and a waterproof base. No homemade containers will be accepted.
  • The box must be transported on the floor of the aircraft.
  • Only one animal is permitted to travel in each kennel.

What health documentation is required?

The passenger transporting the animal must ensure that the animal meets all the health requirements of the destination country. All pets must meet the hygiene requirements of the destination country, have proof of ownership, and have transportation documentation.