Vanilla Air Baggage

Vanilla Air's Baggage Policy

Vanilla Air lets you check up to 20 kg of baggage at no cost (Inclusive options). For the excess over 20 kg, separate fees are chargeable according to the weight and must be paid when reserving your flight. If you find at the airport that your baggage exceeds the limit, an additional charge will apply in blocks of 5 kg.

Inclusive Tickets: Checked Baggage Fees by Weight

20kg or less free

21-25kg is JPY 500

26-30kg is JPY 1,000

31-35kg is JPY 1,500

36-40kg is JPY 2,000

Simple and Campaign Tickets: Checked Baggage Fees by weight

20kg is JPY 2,000

21-25kg is JPY 2,500

26-30kg is JPY 3,000

31-35kg is JPY 3,500

36-40kg is JPY 4,000

Baggage up to 32kg for each items, with the total linear less than or equal to 203cm, will be accepted as "Non Standard Sized" baggage depending on cargo space availability. Please contact the airline far in advance to confirm there will be space.

Non-standard sized baggage (such as sports equipment or musical instruments) is subject to a handling fee (1,000 yen per item) in addition to the standard checked-baggage fees.

Non-standard sized baggage: Sports Equipment and Musical Instruments

You may need to purchase extra seats if you would like to carry on musical instruments or sports equipment that exceeds the size of standard carry-on baggage. Checking your musical instrument is not recommended, as it may be broken in a cargo space. Vanilla Air is not responsible for any damage.

Wheelchairs, child seats, and baby strollers are checked in free of charge

Carry-on baggage allowance is 1 bag per passenger ( 56x36x23cm) and up to 10kg. 1 personal item (e.g. hand bag, laptop bag) is allowed to carry-on in addition to above baggage.

CPAP Devices:

CPAP devices and POCs are permitted. Please have a medical certificates with you on board. The user should be fully familiar with the operation of the portable oxygen concentrator, or else should be accompanied by somebody who is fully familiar with it.