TUIfly Check-in

Does TUIfly have web check-in?

Yes, TUIfly allows you to check-in up to 30 hours before your flight departs.

Check-in now for your TUIfly flight.

What are the requirements for using web check-in?

  • You must have an "X3" flight number.
  • Check-in online between 30 and one hour before departure (but at least two hours after booking).
  • Web check-in is available for all departure countries/locations: except Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport (Germany), Turkey, Egypt and for flights to Great Britain
  • Only for groups of nine or less.

Make sure you leave enough time at the airport to get through security, check your bags, etc.

Can I check-in online if I have bags to check?

If you are traveling with carry-on luggage only and have already printed out your boarding pass during web check-in, you can go directly to the gate. If you wish to check luggage and have already printed out your boarding pass using web check-in, go to a check-in desk, where your luggage merely has to be handed over. Please have your boarding pass and identity card/passport ready.

Can I select my seat when checking in online?

Yes, when you use Flight Check-in you can select your seat. Please note: you can change your seat only if you have not yet printed your boarding pass and if you have not made a previous seat reservation.