Shenzhen Airlines: Children Flying Alone

Does Shenzhen Airlines have Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Shenzhen Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service provides assistance to help board the minor onto the aircraft. The minor is taken care by crew members once on board the flight. Once at the final destination, the minor is accompanied until they are delivered to the designated person picking them up.

What are the rules and restrictions for Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Unaccompanied minors may travel on Shenzhen Airlines direct domestic flights. The unaccompanied minor service is for children who are above the age of 5 and under the age of 12 that will be travelling without an adult. Shenzhen Airlines also provides the service for children over the age of 12 and under the age of 18. However, there is a fee of RMB 200 (yuan) for this service.

You must request the service when you are booking. To apply for the unaccompanied minor service, you will need to provide your passport as well as the travel documents for your child. You will also need to provide contact information including the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the individuals who are bringing your child to the airport and those of the individuals picking your child up from the destination airport. The individual dropping the minor at the originating airport must remain at the airport until 15 minutes before the flight departs (boarding closes 15 minutes prior to departure and this is to ensure that the minor is on the aircraft). The individual collecting the minor should arrive at the destination airport at least 30 minutes prior to arrival time and present themselves to a Shenzhen Airlines representative.