AtlasGlobal: Children Flying Alone

Does AtlasGlobal have a service for Unaccompanied Minors?

The children between 2-5 can not travel alone.

Children who have passed the age of 5 (who have completed 5 years from the date of birth) and who have not completed 12 years from the date of birth can fly alone, however, the rules of AtlasGlobal for carrying unaccompanied minors should be met.

  1. Unaccompanied travel of the minor passenger is subject to written permit of the parent or legal representative.
  2. The reservations of all stages of the travel should be final for unaccompanied travel of the minor passenger.
  3. Unaccompanied Minor Flight Authorization Form is filled at the airport for UM passenger. Identity and contact information of the parents and/or legal representative who bring/pick the minor is required on this form. Form is signed by the parent or legal representative. A copy is given to the parent and/or legal representative.
  4. Ticket, passport or other documents of UM passenger are put in UM bag and this bag is hung around the neck of the minor and the minor is delivered to a boarding officer.
  5. Parent or legal representative of UM passenger has to wait in the airport until the plane takes off.
  6. Boarding officer takes the UM passenger aboard last.
  7. Airline Company is responsible for transfers or waiting in the transfer hall of UM passengers. Parents or legal representatives at departure and destination airports of UM passengers who can not continue the flight due to any reason at any of the transfer points are informed and they are sent to original departure airport or provided hotel service accompanied by an attendant.
  8. UM passenger is delivered by a person assigned by the Airline to the person whose name is written in UM form after his/her identity is checked and against signature.
  9. UM passenger can not be seated near the Emergency exits.