airberlin Infants Policy

All airlines reserve the right to request documented proof of age of any infant or child. Most airlines do not allow infants under seven days old to fly.

Do I need to reserve a seat for my infant?

Passengers travelling with children may use their own child safety restraint systems on board, provided that the restraint systems are certified and marked as such.

The following child seats are suitable:

  • Child seats that are approved by a member state of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAVA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Transport Canada for exclusive use in aircraft and are marked accordingly.
  • Child seats that are approved in accordance with safety standard ECCE-R44/03 or a later version for use in motor vehicles.
  • Child seats that are approved in accordance with Canadian standard 213/213.1 for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.
  • Child seats that are approved in accordance with US standard FMVSS no. 213 for use in motor vehicles and aircraft and that carry a sticker with the following statement in red: "THIS CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM CONFORMS TO ALL APPLICABLE FEDERAL MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARDS" (and if appropriate also: "THIS RESTRAINT IS CERTIFIED FOR USE IN MOTOR VEHICLES AND AIRCRAFT").

The child restraint systems must be approved for being secured by means of a two-point (lap) belt, as they are fixed using the seat belt attached to the aircraft seat and must remain in this position throughout the flight (including during takeoff and landing). The cabin crew will check  on board before departure whether the child seat can be fitted.

Passengers can also reserve a seat for infants (under two years of age) free of charge. The seat must be reserved up to 48 hours before departure by calling airberlin's Service Center.

What are the fees for travelling with children?

  • For children under the age of two (infants) there is a fee of 10% of the regular net fare (plus any additional aviation security costs and foreign taxes/charges, depending on the place of departure). For local flights, inside Germany, infants can travel free of charge.
  • For children under the age of twelve, there is a fee of 67% of the regular net fare (excluding air safety costs, foreign taxes/charges, fuel surcharge and service charge).

What if my child turns two on the trip; will I have to buy a child ticket for the return flight?

Yes, a child ticket will have to be purchased for any flight on which the infant is over two years old.

What infant amenities are available on the aircraft I'll be flying (i.e. bassinets)?

airberlin has a diaper changing table in at least one lavatory on each aircraft. The flight attendants will warm up your baby food during flight.

infant iconInfant amenities vary by aircraft. When you're on the airplane page, look for the Infant Amenity Icon. If it is present, clicking on it will tell you what infant services are available on that airplane. If you do not see it, infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft. You can always contact airberlin's Service Center for more information.

Can I sit in the exit row with my infant?

Neither lap children nor infants in car seats are allowed in an exit row. In fact, all passengers in an exit row must be at least 16 years of age. In addition, infant seats are not allowed in the row directly in front of or directly behind an exit.

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