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Aeroflot: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Aeroflot Russian Airlines provide for my pet?

  • Travel in the passenger cabin.
  • Checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area of your aircraft.

Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

Pets that meet the following qualifications can travel in the passenger cabin:

  • Only dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals are accepted.
  • The sum of the kennel's measurements (length/width/height) can not exceed 115 cm/44in.
  • The weight of the animal inside the kennel can not exceed 8kg/18lbs.
  • Your pet has all necessary health documents required by your destination (see below for more information).

Does my pet qualify for travel as checked baggage?

Pets that meet the following qualifications can travel as checked baggage:

  • Your pet can comfortably remain in its kennel for the entire flight. It should also be able to stand up and turn around 360 degrees inside the kennel.
  • The kennel meets all requirements (see below for more information) and the combined weight of the animal and kennel does not exceed 70 lb/32 kg.
  • Your pet has all necessary health documents required by your destination (see below for more information).

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

Pets are not included in your free baggage allowance and will be charged as excess baggage according to the weight of the pet and kennel.

What are the kennel requirements?

In addition to the size and weight maximums, the USDA and Aeroflot Russian Airlines require that kennels meet the following requirements:

  • The base of the kennel must be water-resistant and covered with absorbent material.
  • In exceptional cases, you may be permitted to transport animals in a securely closed basket or similar.
  • Bird cages should be covered with thick light-tight fabric.

What health documentation is required?

If you are departing from Russia, you will need a veterinary passport, a medical certificate (given out at any state veterinary clinic), and a certificate from Moscow breeding clubs stating the animal has no breeding value. Your destination country may require some health documents not required on Aeroflot Russian Airlines. It is the passenger's responsibility to be aware of all regulations, you should consult your veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture to ensure that your animal will comply with all requirements.

Are there any other restrictions?

Aeroflot Russian Airlines can refuse to transport an animal due to illness, aggressive behavior, poor kenneling, or extreme temperatures at origin, transfer, or destination airports.

Please contact the airline directly for information about traveling with a service animal.

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