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Mind-numbing. Interminable. Never-ending. 

If you travel regularly, chances are good that you will face it one day. The long-layover. 

Sitting in an airport can be spectacularly boring, especially if you have several hours yawning in front of you before your next flight. Luckily, you can try some of these survival tips to make it through comfortably. 

Craft a plan.

Before you fly, think about the length of your layover and plot your strategy. Check out the airport's website and see what it offers, and where everything is located. Large airports are chock full of time-spending amenities. Planning how to spend your time lessens the stress of dreading a long layover. 

Check out a spa. 

A massage and other spa sessions are on the menu at many airports worldwide. What better way to loosen up and relax after a long flight? Plus, it helps the minutes tick away enjoyably. 

Read a book. 

One of the least expensive ways to entertain yourself during a long layover is with the latest bestseller. Load up your reader at home, park yourself in a corner of the airport, by a device charging station, of course, and get swept away in an interesting story. 

Grab some rest. 

It's difficult to get good sleep on a plane. So, if you have several hours between flights, check out transit hotels. These are offered in many airports across the world and allow you to get a bed for a few hours. Singapore, Amsterdam, and New Delhi airports all have this option. Being well-rested when you arrive at your destination will be worth it.


Fit in a workout. 

Physical activity is one of the best ways to work the kinks out of being folded up in a tiny airplane seat for hours at a time. Take a brisk walk around the airport's concourses to stretch your legs and kill some time. Or check out the airport's gym. Yes, they have them, and they are becoming more common. Baltimore, Singapore, Dallas, Dubai, and Munich are a few of the airports that provide a way for travelers to pump some iron during layovers.

Explore the city. 

Make your layover part of the travel experience. Grab some transportation and go into the city. Visit a good restaurant, see some sites, or walk around a park and get some fresh air. Just be mindful of the time so you don't miss your next flight.



Many airports have fantastic shopping. Pick up a new shirt, some fun souvenirs, or some duty-free supplies. This is also a great time to buy anything you forget when you packed. 

Play a game. 

If you are traveling with a companion, pack a favorite game and participate in some competition to entertain yourself during your layover. Cards are a great choice, but a small backgammon, chess set, or even dominos take up minimal room and provide hours of low-cost entertainment. 

Entertaining yourself during a long layover takes a bit of an adventurous spirit. A little advance research and planning can help you turn a boring few hours into an enjoyable part of the journey. 



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