Move over baby boomers, millennials are taking over the world one airline at a time. The Pew Research Center reports that millennials, who are born from 1979 to 2000, are the largest living generation with nearly 80 million of them in the US alone. And these millennials are going places and taking airplanes to get there. They travel less annually, which indicates they are interested in getting more out of the experience of flying than non-millennials. In addition, millennials are willing to take a plane ride to visit friends and family, more so than the rest of the age groups. One airline, Joon, is striving to meet the needs and expectations of this growing demographic of air travel enthusiasts.

Meet Joon

Just the name, Joon, creates an enlightening flight experience. In fact, the airline subsidiary of Air France chose the name Joon because it generates feelings of positivity. Joon began flying out of Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris in December 2017 with future expansion to other major European locales. 

Photo by Aero Barcelona

Priced to Fly

The biggest selling point of this positive flight experience is the price tag. While cheap European flights are nothing new, think RyanAir and WOW with $49 cross-country flights, Joon hopes to steal the show of these ultra-low-cost carriers. The airline is offering the same cheap airfare along with plenty of perks that attract millennials like magnets.

Attracting the Millennial Flier

As a millennial flier, there are certain tech expectations. Millennials are the leaders in digital device ownership, with 97 percent of millennials 25 to 34 in the US owning a smartphone. That’s more than any other age group. So it makes sense for Joon to bring this to the forefront with ample tech services including:

  • A USB power outlet with every seat including those in Economy; no need to feel pressured to ask your neighbor to share an outlet which is perfect for millennials
  • In-flight entertainment via the YouJoon app, available on Android and iOS, so you can watch your guilty pleasures on your own device; eliminates the fear that your neighbors are invading your viewing space
  • Inclusion of millennial-flavored channels like ViceLand, RedBullTV, and Brut

Setting the Right Tone in the Sky Zone

Let’s start with the shoes. Did you know that some international airlines have a strict dress code that requires female flight attendants to wear high heels? All of that walking up and down the aisle in those heels just sounds painful. Along with the heels are pantyhose paired with polyester dresses, 1980s neckties, and the mandatory ruby red lipstick. Male attendants have it just as rough with confining and stuffy business suit attire.

Yet millennials traveling on business are breaking the rules for office attire. Men now wear sneakers with business suits, and women have finally shunned confining pantyhose and matchy-matchy polyester dress suits. So has Joon.

This millennial-friendly airline has kicked those stuffy suits to the curb. Instead the airline has implemented a white sneakers rule for all stewards, along with polo shirts and sweaters. Making the flight an enjoyable experience for millennials involves creating a hygee mood that this age cohort is savoring right along with self-care and all things Scandinavian.

Photo by Reuters

Bottom line, if you are a millennial looking to vacation in Europe in the coming future, consider Joon to be an integral part of your air travel plans.

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