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Flight Search: SeatGuru's Latest Improvement

As a part of TripAdvisor's rebranding efforts, SeatGuru has rolled out its own Flight Search, a useful tool for fliers to find the best deals on plane tickets. SeatGuru's Flight Search product has the advantage of using its own proprietary database to help demystify the flight-shopping experience for its users, all while offering many of the same conveniences as it's competitors. Flight Search integrates many of the unique elements of SeatGuru into its platform to provide a more complete picture of each itinerary, making it a welcome and useful addition to the SeatGuru platform.

Flight Search Features

SeatGuru's Flight Search gives users many options when searching for the best flight, including:

      • Origin and destination airports, including options for all airports in an area
      • Options for one-way and round-trip itineraries
      • Number of travelers
      • Arrival and return dates (if applicable)
      • Preference for nonstop flights
      • The ability to compare SeatGuru's prices to other competitors

Once the user searches using their desired criteria, the search page provides a number of additional filters to improve the user's flight-shopping experience. Users can filter by:

      • Number of stops
      • Departure and arrival times for each flight on the itinerary
      • Airlines
      • Alliances
      • Departure, arrival and connecting airports, if applicable

Users can also sort the resulting flights to prioritize what is most important to them. Users can sort by:

      • Price
      • FlyScore (discussed in the next section)
      • Duration of the flights in the itinerary
      • Timing of the flights
      • Best value, calculated using price, flight duration and additional fees

SeatGuru-Specific Additions

In addition to the many features available above, SeatGuru also uses its databases to better inform users about their flight experiences. This additional information includes:

      • Allowing users to filter by amenities
      • Amenity information for each aircraft on the itinerary
      • Seat maps for each flight listed
      • FlyScores for each flight on the itinerary
      • Access to other fares available for the same itinerary across the internet
      • Easy access to reviews for each airline on the itinerary
      • Easy access to ratings for each airline on the itinerary in the following categories:
        • Overall
        • Legroom
        • Seat comfort
        • In-flight entertainment
        • Customer service
        • Value
        • Cleanliness
        • Check-in and boarding process
        • Food and beverages

The FlyScore, unique to TripAdvisor and its subsidiaries, represents how "good" a given itinerary is. The FlyScore is calculated using multiple factors; these factors include the price of the itinerary, airline and aircraft reviews for each airline and aircraft on the itinerary, amenities available on each flight in the itinerary, the duration and timing of each flight and the number of stops in the itinerary. This score provides users with a quantifiable measure of the quality of their itinerary so they can make the most informed decision about their purchase.

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