As the summer nears to an end, you may be planning to go on one last hoorah trip of the summer. If so, consider going to South America! South America has a plethora of exciting culture rich destinations and countries. In this post we explore 10 South American airlines’ apps  for both Apple (iTunes) and Android (Google Play) devices. Make sure you check out other apps we have covered in our Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of SeatGuru’s airline apps blog series.

Aeromexico (AM):

Aeromexico’s app allows you to book your flights and create a profile to organize your travel itinerary. The app also shows you the best current deals for specific destinations. If your flight is departing soon and you are on the go, you can check-in right on the app and receive a digital boarding pass. Once you have checked in, the app will keep you updated with real time flight status information and offers push notifications to ensure you will never be out of the loop on any flight changes. 

Aerolineas Argentinas (AR): 

The Aerolineas Argentinas app shows you the best rates as well as contests and special promotions as you begin to book your flight. You can also utilize your Aerolineas Argentinas membership via the app by entering in your member number in the “Mileage Consultation” feature. From here, you can use and redeem your miles via the “Getting” and “Redemption” function. The “Program Information” feature will also keep you updated as to what perks come with being a frequent passenger program member. Once you have booked your flight, the “Before Travelling” feature will give you all the necessary information regarding baggage regulation, visa and customs information and more. There is also a section of the app that can answer any policy information regarding minors, pets and expecting mothers. On the day of your flight, you can use the app to check into your flight as well as receive notifications regarding flight status and any flight changes. The “Map of Airports” feature will then offer assistance in giving you directions right to the correct gate. 

Avianca (AV): 

Avianca’s mobile app allows you to purchase, book and check in to your flight. On the apps main screen, your ticket information and flight status information will be shown. The app will offer you a mobile boarding ticket after check in and will then give you an organized itinerary with your flight information as well as any scheduling information regarding stops, connections and of course your final destination! This app is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Azul (AD): 

The Azul app allows you to book and manage all the details of your trip including your seat assignments and your baggage. The app allows you to check-in on the go and then gives you a mobile boarding pass. The app is also great if you are apart of the frequent flyer membership, as it lets you utilize your miles and points throughout your travel. Azul is also focused on getting constant feedback. Therefore, the app encourages all users to offer honest feedback at all points of use throughout your travels so Azul can only further enhance customers experience while using the mobile app.

Copa Airlines (CM):

Copa Airlines app allows for a more pleasurable and quicker flying experience. On the app, you can book your flight, select your flight, check-in for your flight and receive a digital boarding ticket. Also, if you belong to the traveler program TSA PRE you will enjoy expedited passage through security checkpoints in the airport. The “Trip Cards” feature on the app also displays the most important information regarding your flight at all times. This includes departure and arrival times, departure gate, seat number, flight status and more. If you are a ConnectMiles card holder, you can use the app to review your award miles balance and file any requests for missing miles. Notifications can also be enabled so the Copa Airlines app can keep you up to date on any flight changes. Once you are on the flight, this app is very useful as it allows you to stream Copa Airlines’s entertainment from your personal devices. 

Gol (G3): 

The Gol mobile app is available for Androids and allows you to integrate your travel schedule with your mobile calendar. Features on this app include Gol+ Conforto seat, car rental, travel insurance and other service information right in the palm of your hand. The app often also gives you a discount on your checked bags and allows you to avoid lines at the airport. The app also allows you to check-in for your flight and will then give you a mobile boarding pass. For any and all future flights, the app allows you to see an interactive seat map so you can pick your seat with ese. If you are apart of the mileage program, the app also shows you your balance and allows you to see what you are eligible to utilize your miles for. One of the coolest features of this mobile app is the “Geolocation”. This features determines the best time to leave for the airport and estimates your arrival time. If necessary, you can reschedule to an earlier or later flight on the app as well.

InterJet (4O):

InterJet’s app shows you offers and flight discounts and then allows you to book a flight right on the app itself. You can then view all of your reservation information such as the route, schedule, and more. Once you have a trip booked, you can check-in on the app and you will receive a mobile boarding pass. The itinerary for your flight will then be available on the app and flight status information can be enabled via notifications.

LATAM  Play (for LATAM Airlines Group including Brasil (JJ)  and Chile (LA)):

The LATAM Play app is utilized for the LATAM Airlines Group, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. This app is great for those who like to have personalized in-flight entertainment. Once you download the app, you can  enjoy a selection of recently released movies, popular TV shows, acclaimed boxsets, special content for kids and an interactive flight map. 

Viva Aerobus (VB): 

Viva Aerobus’s app makes flying at the lowest price easy. You can book and manage your flight, all from the Viva Aerobus app. The app also shows the best discounts for flying in Mexico, so make sure to download this app to ensure you receive the best deal out there.

Volaris (Y4): 

With the Volaris mobile app, you get access to exclusive promotions. The app lets you save contact and traveler information to make booking faster with every purchase- you can even save your payment details if you would like with insurance that the app is secure. Once you have booked a flight, you can check your bookings, review details like name or flight number, add optional services such as baggage, sports equipment, priority boarding and seats. You can also check-in for your flight right on the app to avoid airport lines. The app also has the ability to send notifications so you never have to worry about not knowing of a flight or gate change. If you are a member, you can also log into your account on the app and get full access to the lowest fares, more promotions and early access to discounts. 

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