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Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Spring Break, once you make it through the airport that is. Spring Break travel throughout the U.S. is predicted to be busier than ever in 2018, so get a head start on your planning to avoid any crowd-related issues. 

Spring break increases air travel volume to many different areas

Assume that you will not have to deal with packed airports, planes, and taxi lines because you are not flying to a warm beach destination this Spring Break? Think again. March and April bring increased travel volume to many different types of destinations. Plenty of people will be heading to the sunny southern beaches, but many other people also use this time to go skiing, travel for volunteer service work, or simply check out a new city.


This year, airlines in the U.S. are forecasted to serve more passengers than ever before during Spring Break. Approximately 2.5 million people every day will travel by plane between March 1 and April 30. Even if you are not traveling to a popular destination, chances are many people in your departure area will be.

Lower fares mean more travelers

There are good last-minute deals to be found on fares between several U.S. cities and, with the recent addition of low cost international carrier service, destinations throughout Europe and Asia. Not only will adventure-minded Spring Breakers who haven’t booked a trip yet find themselves drawn to these cheaper flights, but travelers in general who have been looking for inexpensive airfare to a far-flung destination will want to get in on the action.

Prepare yourself to deal with crowds

Suffice it to say, you’re likely going to have to deal with crowds over the next couple of months, especially when it comes to transportation and accommodations. Increased crowds typically mean more stress for everyone, so do your part to make the experience more enjoyable. The standard advice during busy seasons applies: allow yourself extra time for everything, because each step of the process goes more slowly when airports are dealing with a high volume of travelers. This is especially true if you are traveling with oversized checked items such as ski equipment or golf clubs. More people will have these items as well, so try to check them as early as possible to avoid long check-in baggage lines. At the TSA security checkpoint make sure you are ready to go through easily without holding up the line. Prepare yourself by wearing easily removeable shoes, remove outerwear, limit jewelry, pack only approved sized toiletries, plus place all mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic items in bins for inspection. Renting a car? Allow yourself extra time for pickup and return.


Stay stress-free on the plane

You made it through the TSA security checkpoint. The stresses may change once you make it on board the plane, but they don’t magically disappear. Take precautions to make the flying experience go more smoothly as well. If you have purchased a basic economy ticket with no seat selection privileges, now may be the time to buy an assigned seat for an additional fee to know where you will sit. Keep any electronic devices and/or reading materials in your personal bag that can be stored under the seat, so that you can avoid going into the overhead bins during the flight. Also, understand that if you are in a low boarding zone you will probably have to check your carry-on. It’s an unfortunate reality of modern air travel, but it will be far less stressful if you willingly hand over your bag to begin with rather than pick a fight with an airline agent who has no control over policy. 

The main advice that we may offer for traveling during Spring Break is to allow plenty of time, breath, and relax.

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