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The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft series was launched in 2011, but it took seven years to see its fruition. The long wait has paid off in terms of the MAX 8 that debuted in May 2017. The new design is re-engined to optimize efficiencies, while an innovative cabin hits high marks for passengers. It’s little wonder why this plane has already received over 4,000 orders as of November 2017. Find out why the Boeing 737 MAX 8 is so popular among airlines and passengers alike. 

Production Technology 

To mass produce the MAX 8 aircraft, Boeing has reached new heights in production technologies. To start with, the company uses robotic drilling machines along the assembly line to reduce human error and increase output by 33 percent. The company is also incorporating automation to assemble the plane panels, which increases the speed of production by 35 percent. 

The ability to put MAX 8 planes on runways while eliminating any production errors has helped the company fulfill 15 percent more orders in 2017 alone. More fulfillment means more passengers will get a chance to savor in the modernized and spacious cabin of this efficient aircraft.

Increased Efficiency

Thanks to the use of CFM International LEAP-1B powerplants, the MAX 8 hits a new stride in engine efficiency. Tack on the modification of the airframe and split-tip winglets and the plane hits home with aerodynamic efficiencies. Overall, the new aircraft has 50 percent lower nitrogen-oxide and 20 percent lower carbon emissions. This allows the plane to reduce its carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment. 

Improved Cabin

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 scores top points for decreasing the sound of the aircraft. In fact, the new 737 is 40 percent quieter compared to other 737s. The way Boeing achieved this silence is a larger fan size and longer nose landing gear coupled with engine core designs. 

At the same time, passengers get a new listening experience that is intended to get them into the flying mood. The MAX aircraft cabin is flooded with tunes as passengers board and deplane, which helps to set the tone. Along with the hit sounds, the plane also features mood lighting from neon pink and fluorescent blue to vivid purple. The colors change along with the different phases of travel to create a more cohesive flight experience.

Seat Configurations and Measurements

The cabin includes 200 total seats, while the typical airplane seating is 175 seats max. The setup is a 3 by 3 configuration with a single row down the center of the plane. Each seat is 17.6 inches in width. The seats have 32 inches of pitch, which is the distance from the back of one seat to the back of the seat in front of it. This seat width and seat pitch is the typical seating set-up.

One thing to note the seats recline very slightly, but since you have a solid pitch you gain in legroom and comfort. As an added bonus, you aren’t dealing with the nerve of “that guy” in front of you who chose to recline into your lap. Plus, there isn't the extra baggage attached to each of the seat backs, where people typically stuff magazines and trash. This gives you the illusion of even more space between seats.

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